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A variety of art, from fanart to original characters to photos to stories, hopefully something will float your boat :)


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Lovely things people have drawn for me, whether a commission or random fanart.... I LURV THEIR ARTS!! :heart: :heart: :glomp: :iconimhappyplz:


To Do List


:iconcclosedplz: / :iconpcnopenplz:

Motivation/To Do List

:bulletblue: Do mimic style assignment from mayshing (… and…
:bulletpurple: Work on rest of Character Alphabet (E-Z)
:bulletblue: Finish Neon redesign/mini character sheet for reference
:bulletred: Write!!
--Kibou Hoshi, Ryo and Gang, PRISM, etc.
:bulletpurple: Work on rest of Character Alphabet (E-Z)
:bulletblue: Finish Neon redesign/character sheet for reference


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Hello!! I am an enthusiastic some-what energetic 20-something year old who is crazy about art and writing! I graduated with a BAS in Animation & Visual Effects! My passion lies in illustration, film and writing (mainly being a colorist!!)

My favorite color is purple and the combinations of turquoise & purple as well as red & purple.

E-Depth Angel Stamp by Guiled-Dragon E-DA: None Shall Rise Stamp by Guiled-Dragon

I Dont Watch Back STAMP by Puff-Dahh Points Please Stamp by izka197 ->…

Sunny in Wintertime, Sup New Year

Mon Jan 19, 2015, 1:28 PM
Hullo my precious clutch of watchers. They talk about losing weight for the New Year and really I wish I could do that with this account without having to shut it down and start a new one. Too many non responsive/inactive account watchers who are simply gone or just one time seekers. Thank you to all who are still with me and to my new watchers: Thanks for coming!

Any WHO:
On my end there hasn't really been any huge changes. I'm still looking for full time employment as I'm current independent and working for multiple mini-jobs. (EDIT: After I posted this I got a callback. Hoping to start the job in March when they have more positions open/have the next round, if I get it I'll tell you guys more!! Lord willing it's meant to be, or else something else). Had to sign up for Medi Care and get set up to file for taxes next year (ugh, being an adult sucks and is scary). Also I managed to pay off two of my college loans but I still have a chunk left to pay off in the next 10 years if not hopefully way before. I just watched "47 Ronin" yesterday and it was a visually beautiful film, it really gave me fuel for my fantasy stories and possibly an AU which might turn out to be the default work vs my fantasy version of it. Yiiiis to Feudal Japan Also I'm enjoying the mini-tv series "Agent Carter" though I wish it'd be a recurring show. Also the second season of BBC's "The Musketeers" is BACK! I have to catch up as I had no idea it'd returned until today lol. Also Sleepy Hollow Season 2 is on *w*

Also I got KH Re:Mix for PS3 which I have yet to play as well as "Journey" (and two other games with it from the same company).... WHICH I HAVE YET TO PLAY EITHER. @_@ I have so many video games from my PS2 I still need to beat as well as FFXIII and Mass Effect 2 for the PS3.

Oh also I reached 100k page views but I didn't announce it so there will be no kiriban, if anyone was interested in that. I'm thinking perhaps at 110k I'll have it. :)

The only big change is that my 92 year old grandma (just turned it this month) was rediagnosed with cancer. She battled it a few years ago and beat that but it's been coming back in other areas for years. Due to misunderstandings on her part/in the family we didn't know her cancer cell count was up. She went in the hospital in November for something unrelated but they found it had spread and there was a mass on her liver. They gave her 2-6 months to live though really it could be longer or shorter than that (as it's already been 2 months) as really it isn't in the doctor's hands to decide when she goes. Either way, it meant this last Christmas and Birthday were 98.9% chance her last. I'm doing okay and so is my mom but it's hard to say what will happen when it's my grandma's time to be with the Lord. It'll be weird and sad but I hope to mainly be at peace about it as my grandma for the most part is. It was a shock to her as she didn't expect it (and has slight dementia so she forgets things) but I sort of suspected it. Either way, losing someone close to you, family member or friend is hard even if they're not super close to them relationshipwise. I try to see her every week at least to have lunch with her and she has lost a lot of weight due to her picky eating and the cancer (and she's already a petite thing); our main deal is trying to keep her hydrated enough because she's so bad at drinking water/keeping up her fluid intake (always has been). Otherwise she's doing okay, just tired once in a while and slowing down.

On a more annoying and now amusing note, I had to deal with some expense with my car a few months ago. We had a rainy season (finally given our drought) and it turns out my car had a leak in the sunroof. So my car's baseboard got flooded so it took me a week to vacuum all the water out from the carpet (and underneath it) with a shop-vac even with the help of a floorheater. The leak was fixed but it was $$$ so I was mad about that. The ironic part is my car literally got rained out.... and I named it Rainout back in like August as it is the basis for a new TF OC of mine (yes my car does have an Autobot decal on it now). Just, the humor in that makes you laugh but vacuuming out your car 2hrs a day for a week and paying that much to get the stupid leak fix isn't. Oh well. I have my revenge by not designing the OC at all save in name (debating on gender mainly and then comes the helm design+body).

OH also I finally got a smartphone!! So I can actually do things with it now including paying a higher phone bill which I wanted to avoid! It was an early Christmas present due to after Black Friday sales. It's an iphone 5s and it's great, main thing I use is the GPS though me and my BFF since childhood almost maxed out my family data plan for the month with snapchatting OOPS.

:star: As for New Year's Resolutions, here's a list of things I hope to accomplish this year or at least set as goals forever more:

Overall: Do study art and drawing exercises to gain improvement.
~Practice and Improve on:
-Clothing (+folds and wrinkles)
-Anatomy (people and animals)
-Coloring Theory (shading/lighting, harmonious colors)
-Digital Painting (+cell shading)
-Finish various art projects and push myself instead of becoming bored or tiring out

-Finish Kibou Hoshi (FF) or at least be near completion (might need some beta readers). ((Then eventually convert it to a complete pdf for compiling sake. (therefore editing it after completion)))
-Hammer out the plots for most of my original stories
-Perhaps take up RPing again with dedicated people willing to and have time
-Find supportive and inspirational writers to get feedback from and do maybe a weekly writing group (share writing/have writing prompts)

-Deepen relationships with people I already know (IRL & online)
-Salvage relationships that have been ??? for a while
-Contact people at least once a month to show I care/still want to be friends
-Make new friends online and near me in IRL so I'm not so isolated
-Deepen my spiritual life

I have a couple of art things planned. I'll just say at present I have two to three icons I want to do, 2 for fun and the other for actual use for myself. Also I have a comic I'm suppose to be working on which is like.... 20%? done that I hope to get posted by the end of this month as it's related to last year. It'd be a waste not to post it since I sketched it out and started on it (plus I was tagged).


And shameless plug for friends and artists I admire having commissions:

Summer commission info (2 slots)EDIT: Just a reminder that commissions are open ;P Happy holidays to you all!
Heeeey commissions are here again! You can check the categories currently available below, plus my conditions. Don't forget to read those please!
If you're interested, feel free to send me a Note or a Tumblr ask.
1. vamspapi
2. ...
3. ...
> Sketches USD $15

> Clean lineart USD $25

> Clean lineart + flat colors USD $30

> Clean lineart + full shading USD $40

> Character portrait/bust USD $25

> Digital watercolor USD $28

> Character card USD $40

:star:All of the categories above except sketches include basic or no background.:star:
> Complex background is +
   Commissions By CheekoHo dang, it's the official Commission Info journal! 
Try to contain your excitement!
I'm one of those weird people that actually really likes to do commissions, because I get to see a lot of cool characters and it's a great way to keep myself in shape (so to speak). As a result, I consider my prices to be incredibly reasonable, especially when you consider the amount of time I actually spend on each one.
Here are some samples.
Past Commissions:
I try to keep everything as simple as possible. You could go through my gallery using these guidelines and price each piece all on your own. It's really easy.
You can contact me through deviantArt with a note or just send me an email at cheeko.comics(at) if you want to get started.
Requests and Requirements:

:star: Plug:

If anyone has a Patreon please consider backing her, please!

Here's some funny/inspirational quotes:
"You must know nothing before you can learn something, and be empty before you can be filled." -Master Shu (TRJoPJ by Lloyd Alexander)

"I know you are good-hearted, well-meaning, kindly with a sweet and innocent nature. Therefore, you are about to to something stupid." -Mafoo (TRJoPJ by Lloyd Alexander)

"Ignorance is a common aliment. In time it goes away. Unless it proves fatal." -Mafoo (TRJoPJ by Lloyd Alexander)
"You two keep this up and the only bird you're going to be watching is the one I'm gonna flip ya." -Cleo (Sorcerous Stabber Orphen)

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