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Lovely things people have drawn for me, whether a commission or random fanart.... I LURV THEIR ARTS!! :heart: :heart: :glomp: :iconimhappyplz:


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Hello!! I am an enthusiastic some-what energetic 20-something year old who is crazy about art and writing! I graduated with a BAS in Animation & Visual Effects! My passion lies in illustration, film and writing (mainly being a colorist!!)

My favorite color is purple and the combinations of turquoise & purple as well as red & purple.

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Tagged- 8 Facts about my OC Tory +Signal BOOST

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 28, 2016, 9:00 PM
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I got tagged to share 8 facts of an OC by:iconcatknap: who chose Tory, my Digimon OC for an original universe/story. So if you want to learn more about an OC of mine proceed forth! (I actually plan on finishing a newer picture of her hopefully by the middle of this year. Been busy with freelance work)


1), Post these Rules
2), Post 8 Facts about your OC/Character
3), Tag 8 other OCs/characters
4), Post their names as well as their owners
5), (( NO TAG BACKS XD ))
  1. Tory Hemsway was originally created for a contest for an original Digimon universe. I'd already designed my Digimon OC Nilocrocmon and it only seemed fitting to make a human partner who could celebrate the culture my digimon was inspired by. I realized I was sadly, if not shamefully, lacking in diversity with my characters so I settled on her ethnicity to add more diversity in the fan-made Digimon universe and my own string of OCs. Also being Nilocrocmon is based on the Nile crocodile AND Egyptian culture it only made sense to make her of African decent since Egyptians of the early to middle kingdom (if not longer) were purely African.

  2. Her build/facial features were inspired by Nicole Beharie, who's in Sleepy Hollow Do not watch past Season 2. If you watch Season 3 stop after a certain point, believe me. Do not watch the last episode.. Tory's original attire was just a business suit, which is classic for the Agents of where she works. Her casual wear (I have yet to post but have commissions of, see image below) is inspired by Lyndie Greenwood's character, Jenny's attire in the same series. I wanted a "can relax/look everyday/explore" look that wasn't the cliche dated 'Archaeologist from the 1800s/1900s.'
    Noogiiieee by frolis-maneuver

  3. Tory's interest in ancient Egyptian culture partly stems from my own interest, namely from when I was in 5th-6th grade. I was fascinated by the pyramids, hieroglyphics and mummies. I mostly blame by one classmate who was TOTALLY engrossed and at the time wanted to be an archeologist. At least now I can look up stuff more in depth for more accuracy.

  4. Tory's name is inspired by real life people. However unlike the real Tory I knew as a kid, Tory's name is just Tory, not short for Victoria. Also her last name was inspired by Chris and Liam Hemsworth, but I tweaked it to be unique/not exact (I'm sure there is a Hemsway surname?) In a way I sorta did it with the intent of having a tailor ancestor, but it also ties into her character (Hem, not the cloth: surround and restrict the space or movement of) in regards to her phobia, but finding a way through/out.

  5. Tory attended a co-ed boarding school in Britain until she was ten, when her mother died. Her father who was a renown archeologist pulled her out to take her along with him on his expeditions since he wanted to maximize family time and keep her close. Her education after that was all private studies and basically being home schooled on the road. Her desired occupation is Archeologist, specializing in Egyptology with Anthropology as her minor. Her favorite sport in school was track, though she prefers running and rock climbing due to the nature of her field/interest.

  6. Tory suffers from claustrophobia due to being trapped alone in a small space in crumbling ruins. Her fear grows greater the smaller a room is; it gets worse if she can't even pace its length. If she is stuck in a small space with limited movement, such as a closet, she'll have a panic attack. Should she ever have to crawl through something small say a vent she'd probably hyperventilate and faint before she even tried.

  7. Tory is a hands on learner at best. She likes getting down in the dirt to explore and experience things. She can endure traditional lectures, but visual aid AND actually experimenting while learning does her best. Kinetic leaner! She has a great memory for recalling factoid stuff and objects she's seen, but it's not quite a photographic memory.

  8. Tory doesn't mind doing reports/paperwork but would rather be in action than writing; Reading is no problem for her. Most of her dislike for paperwork, especially extensive, is mainly due to her partner Nilo. Thanks to Nilocrocmon's habit of snacking on anything he can get his claws on, namely files, paperwork and digital data, this means Tory has sometimes double if not triple the work cut out for her. After about of month of dealing with these antics she learned to make multiple copies and have backups in various places, but Nilo still does some damage. (The things you do for love)

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Astavielze's Regalia
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And whoever wants to do it :)


I need to make 100 bucks fast UPDATEdoes anyone at all want to be generous and buy any commissions from me?
same pricing as before, I might do a batch of 3-6 chibi characters for £30 though... I know it's steep but I really need to make as much as I can, and fast.
UPDATE: fuck my life... i need another £150, this is bullshit. please consider boosting this please, I'm on a time limit for this, I need to raise funds before the 4th of may
also I wanted to thank the first round of commissioners, THAT £100 bill is paid off, this one is different.
the current batch (that paid and helped clear the first bill)
FlyKiwiFly - Done: Commission - Flykiwifly's Kalfumon
CL: Done - note sent
Guiled-Dragon - Part 1/2 done, will start the drawing comm soon.
the next batch that is going towards the current £150 bill
HawkInAJazzyHat - I've gotten 1 or 3 chibis sketched and progress is being made between the current

Chi did my adorable Nilo avatar!!! Commission - Guiled-Dragon's NiloCrocmon Icon by Barghestmon Please consider donating or commissioning them!

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I'm thinking about changing my username. It's been the same for 12 years and I think I should rebrand myself (clean up my gallery too) 

11 deviants said Go for it! (I was a young teen when I made this account)
No deviants said Just leave it as is (name was inspired by Guilmon + dragons)


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